racing seat
jet pumps
back air vent
turning system
hydrofoil fin
racing seat
fin pull up system
air vent
reverse system
gas handle


Our dials are easy to see, and they show everything you need to know about your fuel tank, oil, rpm's and engine temperature.
Oh yeah - and your speed!

Air Vent

The air vent is located high and at the back to make sure plenty of fresh air gets into the engine housing.


In rough water, our wave breaker will hit the waves first.

This boosts the safety factor: the front of the Wesp will always go up so you'll never take a nosedive.


The handles are attached firmly to the back part of the frame for a steady grip.

Racing Seat

The racing seat is designed for comfort, but it also places you in the perfect position to grab the handles as you careen across the water.

Gas Handle

The gas is on the right handle, easily operated at the touch of a finger.

Hydrofoil fin

The hydrofoil fin is specially made to create upward lift at the front. This keeps water friction way down.

Turning System

The two hinges form one straight line at almost 45 degrees. This means it's incredibly easy to tilt left and right.

Reverse System

The Wesp is extraordinarily easy to manoeuvre. Our specially designed reverse system makes it easy to back up in a straight line. Then, simply lower one of the two systems - one pump will blow forward and one will blow back - and you'll spin.

Jet pump

Combined with our 110 horsepower engine, the two jet pumps provide all the power you need to speed.

Back Air Vent

The back air vent lets hot air out of the engine house, keeping your Wesp's internal operations running smoothly.


Our 110 horse power marine engine delivers all the power the two jet pumps need to achieve awesome speed.

Finn pull up system

We've made it easy to fold the fin inwards for optimal beaching and transportation.

The results of the latest prototype were amazing!
The wesp will soon be born! (production will start beginning of 2018)

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