• Pieter Myny


Our Story

Wesp is an entirely new form of water transportation.

Feel & experience the thrills of Formula 1 on water with Wesp, an innovative body sensitive water craft.

Recently pre-released at the Monaco boat show, the Wesp is the most exhilarating, aesthetically pleasing & ergonomic water craft on the planet. The Wesp is sailed in a specific way due to certain design features; Recline into the ergonomic seating position and cruise gently across the waves, or switch into high speed racing mode, maneuvering the craft with our body motion steering system.

The Patented Wesp is comprised of two major parts; the fore and the aft. The pointed front of the watercraft contains the hydrofoil system, which is collapsible for beaching or transport of the craft, and propels the front of the craft out of the water once you achieve speed. This gives you less friction in the water, making the Wesp easy to maneuver and control. The front also incorporates an open seat for the driver, backed by an ergonomic backrest which revolves on hinges beneath the racing seat that allow the user to lay back in a similar fashion to a Formula 1 driver and maneuver the craft with their body motion (shifting your weight to the left to turn left, or right to turn right). Flanked by two rugged and stationary control handles (controlling acceleration and reverse gears), the rear of the Wesp  Jet ski is the powerhouse of the vehicle, housing a powerful marine engine of over 100 HP that drives the two jet pumps situated on the rear left and right-hand buoys that enable the Wesp to reach incredible velocity for speed junkies and competitive ocean and lake racing.

From concept to final result.

• The search for a new, innovative water craft and a love of Formula 1 racing led us to where we are today.

• The project began in 2008 when Pieter Myny (inventor - CEO) had the idea to design a new water craft. He began by designing an initial prototype.
   The purpose of this prototype was to test:

   - if it could be turned while sailing

   - if the hydrofoil fin gave the craft the desired lift from the water

   - if the pleasure of sailing it would live up to expectations.

• After a number of tests and adjustments to the prototype, it was soon clear that this  new craft was destined to become a great success.
   The next steps were clear:

   - Apply for a patent for the specific mode of operation of this type of water craft.

  - The functioning of the craft was, however, a long way from perfect. Pieter decided to find a marine engineer who could refine the craft's engineering. They decided to get together in Belgium to create a new design that was fully in line with correct engineering needed to deliver the type of performance they desired.

  - The next step was to find a shipyard that could make the right moulds and assemble the craft.

  - When all these elements had been brought together, a prototype was ready to be put into production.


What makes the Wesp different?

Not only did we want to design a water craft for commercial use, we also wanted to create a new sport. A new type of Formula 1 on the water. You will immediately note features of Formula 1 racing cars in the design of the Wesp. The curved nose, the vents to the left and right, the air inlet just above your head and the two spoilers left and right of the air inlet. This combined with our seating position and the performance of the craft gives you the experience of Formula 1 racing on water.

• The Wesp is a completely new & innovative sporting concept
• Exclusive PWC (Personal Water Craft)
• You feel in closer contact with the water than with any other motorised water craft
• The seating position makes you feel as though you are in a Formula 1 racing car
• A hydrofoil fin propels the craft above the water, gliding the water craft over the surface

Why should you purchase a Wesp?

• It is a fresh & exciting new PWC concept
• It is a completely new water sport
• A must-have for anyone who loves extreme sports and the latest gadgets.
• You can sail from one place to another
• Feel in constant contact with the waves as the water flows just underneath your finger tips
• The thrill & excitement of experiencing F1 on water

Wesp versus other PWCs

• There is little competition for the Wesp as it is a totally new, patented craft
• The PWC world is very limited, with just the jetski, seabob, small motorboats and the jet board. We felt it was time for something new & exciting - a craft with a totally new seating position that responds to your bio-mechanics
• There is no doubt that the Wesp is the most attractive and fun water craft on the market.

Comparison with a Formula 1 car

We wanted to design a water craft that compares with a Formula 1 racing car. By creating practically the same seating position as a Formula 1 car we mimicked the driving sensation. There are also certain features of a Formula 1 car in the design of the craft.

Comparison with a jetski

• You have more contact with the water and feel as though you are gliding over it
• Using specific design features of a Formula 1 racing car, the Wesp is not more aesthetically pleasing but also sportier and more exclusive.

Steering concept

The Wesp is constructed from a front and back section that are connected by hinges behind the head support and under the seat, in a straight line at an angle of 43.26°, which allows the front section to tilt from left to right. The rear section remains stable due to the two buoys, in which the jet pumps are housed.  The handles are attached to the rear of the craft, and slope forward for you to hold and steer by leaning your body from side to side.

Unique features

• The hydrofoil fin makes steering easy and reduces friction in the water
• By steering through leaning from side to side, man and machine mesh together as one
• With a powerful marine engine of over 100 HP and two jet pumps, you can achieve speeds of over 50 knots: combine this with our body sensitive handling and sporty design and the Wesp is a must-have water craft.


• We have created a dedicated trailer that can be attached to your automobile
• The craft can be lifted from the water with a crane


• An aluminium frame with a fibreglass body